Find your balance, energy & happiness through safe and gentle Deep Healing…

Find your balance, energy & happiness through safe and gentle Deep Healing…

About Beth

Beth has spent a lifetime awakening from sleeping through life and has discovered the deep healing practices of yoga, meditation and writing along the way. The book Awakening Sleeping Beauty takes a dive into self-discovery and embracing the ebb and flow of the world around while staying grounded. Beth has channeled her own learning into becoming a beloved yoga instructor who teaches through inspiration.

Beth is able to guide her class in opening up to the release & relief of body, mind and soul.

Are you interested in Guided Meditation?

Watch my introductory video for creating a meditative space and what meditation can help you unlock about your inner self.

Please look for specific dates of gathering together to explore meditation via Zoom.

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“Writing supported me in finding my ‘sweetness’ in life. Being exposed to yoga sparked a journey to awaken to all parts of myself physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.”

– Beth McCann

“When I first chanted Ram, the seed vibrational sound of Manipura, I sensed inner strength...”

– Beth McCann

“To this day, my focus of teaching is alignment of the physical body to the subtle body, the energy body.”

– Beth McCann

Polyvagal Theory Review by a Student

Beth McCann introduced our yoga group to Polyvagal Theory in the fall of 2021. I am so grateful to her for sharing her enthusiasm regarding this new way of thinking which makes an enormous amount of sense. Beth invited me to listen to the Safe and Sound Protocol (SSP)...

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of yoga do you teach? I teach gentle deep yoga where students become curious about who they are. I draw from classical yoga – the 8 Limbs of yoga as explained in the wisdom literature of the Yoga Sutras.  Yoga poses are explored on all levels presented as...


Best definition of meditation I resonate to date is:  I notice what is happening while it is happening whatever it is. Explore many ways to meditate along with conscious breathing and guided visualizations. One of the easiest ways to connect and meditate on your...

Saturday Yoga

In depth exploration of yoga poses to integrate new ways of being in a mindful way. Emphasis on Polyvagal theory and integration on your journey of self discovery. Polyvagal Theory describes the autonomic nervous system as having three subdivisions that relate to...

Hakomi Sessions

Hakomi  - a body centered therapy which is a form of assisted self-study. This includes little experiments done in mindfulness overall. Hakomi is a great tool to assist your journey of self discovery. Hakomi sessions typically follow a sequence: contact, accessing,...



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