Safe and Sound Protocol integrates the Polyvagal Theory which studies the brain-body connection and helps one understand how the body reacts. While listening to the music (5 hrs) there is a co-regulation and integration of the many feelings and thoughts going on in the brain. One needs to feel safe and grounded for treatments to be successful.

One hour sessions include: listening to the music (5 hrs) for the first 30 minutes during check-in. We then move onto learning about Fight, Flight, and Freeze (disassociate) which has been introduced during the first free session. In the second half hour tools are explored to assist one in understanding their habitual patterns and reactions. I have found that the Safe and Sound Protocol music lowered the level of noise within that I had become accustomed to since the start of the pandemic. This resulted in me experiencing more space to relax and explore who I really am.  

Beth is happy to offer the first hour for free to explore if this is a tool for your journey of self discovery.